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EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology.

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New LGBTQIA in IT Constituent Group

Join the LGBTQIA in IT Constituent Group to discuss IT career issues of interest to these communities.

Core Data Service 2015 Data Release

All 2015 survey data, including Core Metrics and Modules 1-8, are available now.

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Programs and Resources

ECAREDUCAUSE Center for Analysis and Research

Research dedicated to understanding IT's role in colleges and universities.


Core Data ServiceCore Data Service

Comparative data to inform higher education IT strategic planning and management.



News and Events

Core Data Service 2015 Data Release

All 2015 survey data, including Core Metrics and Modules 1-8, are available now.

Operationalizing the Cloud

Fifth in the Preparing the IT Organization for the Cloud series, this paper helps you address risks and operationalize the cloud.

Benchmarking to Inform Planning (EDUCAUSE Review article)

Using metrics to benchmark higher education IT financials, staffing, and services can add value by informing and reinforcing the decision-making process.

Benchmarking Infographic (EDUCAUSE Review)

This EDUCAUSE Research Snapshot infographic explains how metrics and data benchmarks can inform planning.

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Join the CIO Discussion Group.

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Programs And Resources

Policy IconEDUCAUSE Policy

Tracks, analyzes, and advocates on the latest public and campus policy issues affecting higher education IT


Cybersecurity Initiative

Provides access to key information and resources and houses the Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC)


News and Events

Continue the Conversation: IT Risk Register

by Cathy Bates | May 23, 2016

December: Managing Your Online Reputation

by Wiam Younes | June 6, 2016

Continue the Conversation: NET+ Program

by Nick Lewis | May 24, 2016

New Federal Overtime Rule Finalized

by Jarret Cummings | June 2, 2016

IHEP Releases Datapalooza

By Jarret Cummings | June 6, 2016

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Programs and Resources

ELIEDUCAUSE Learning Initiative

Understanding and advancing learning through the innovative use of technology

NGLCNext Generation Learning Challenges

Accelerating educational innovation through applied technology to dramatically improve college readiness and completion in the United States.


News and Events

Next Generation Digital Learning Environment Initiative

What will the future of the LMS look like? This recently released report provides initial answers and exciting prospects for the ed-tech space.

Latest ELI 7 Things

Check out "7 Things You Should Know About Remote Proctoring...

Provides a concise set of resources on emerging learning technologies. Open to ELI nonmembers after 90 days.

Building a Culture of Innovation in Higher Education: Design & Practice for Leaders

This report and toolkit is meant for universities, colleges, community colleges, not-for-profits ,and organizations that serve the higher education landscape who want to reimagine their vision of...

BMI Business Model Template

rpkGROUP created these pro forma templates to support the NGLC Breakthrough Models Incubator grantees in their iterative development of  business models that would support their current...

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